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Anime News

Shojo Beat: Kaze Hikaru Out, Backstage Prince In (2006-07-27 08:30:40)
A note in the September issue of Shojo Beat informs that Kaze Hikaru will be replaced with Backstage Prince in October. Thanks, HanatoYume and Daniel Zelter. [ discuss ]

Paprika on US DVD This October (2006-07-27 08:24:47)
Satoshi Kon's Paprika, which is scheduled for a theatrical run next year in Japan, is also listed for an October 31 DVD release in America. Thanks, Daniel Zelter. [ discuss ]

4Kids TV Sticks with Fox (2006-07-26 18:18:07)
The fifth season of 4Kids TV begins this fall on Fox. Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters premieres September 9, and Chaotic on September 30. [ discuss (10 posts) ]

Transformers Movie (The Old One) DVD Details (2006-07-26 17:52:32)
First widescreen presentation since 1986 theatrical release [ more... ]

Gedo Senki Panned by Online Critics (2006-07-26 10:20:26)
Studio Ghibli's Gedo Senki, which is to be released in theaters this week, has received a 2.3 rating (out of 5) on Yahoo Movies Japan by people who have seen advanced screenings. Comparatively, recent anime TokiKake received a 4.7 grade, Pokemon a 3.9, and Brave Story a 3.0. Pixar's Cars has received a 4.2. Source: Anime! Anime! [ discuss (67 posts) ]

Errata: Toshihiro Kawamoto to do Character Designs for Ayakashi Ayashi (2006-07-26 09:56:45)
Previously we stated that character designs for Ayakashi Ayashi would be done by Shoji Kawamori. This was incorrect, they will be provided by Toshihiro Kawamoto. ANN apologises for this error. [ discuss (15 posts) ]

Afro Samurai in Action (2006-07-26 04:14:45)
The first Afro Samurai trailer is now online at IGN. The series premieres on Spike TV in November. Source: Animenation [ discuss (29 posts) ]

ImaginAsian Hits Houston (2006-07-26 04:11:57)
ImaginAsian TV has signed a service deal with Optical Entertainment Network in Houston. The channel will be available on OEN's basic package, available to all of the network's 1.6 million subscribing households. [ discuss ]

4Kids Goes On Demand (2006-07-26 04:10:51)
Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sonic X, and Kirby willl be available "soon" on Comcast's Video On Demand service. The 4Kids TV channel will offer 10 hours of programming with new episodes every two weeks. [ discuss (25 posts) ]

AnimeFest Announces Musical Guest (2006-07-26 04:10:24)
FLOW will perform at AnimeFest, September 1-4 in Dallas. [ discuss (4 posts) ]

Fullmetal Theater List (2006-07-25 14:12:29)
Funimation has posted a list of theaters that will screen the Fullmetal Alchemist movie next month. All showtimes are Friday, August 25 at 9:30 p.m. and Saturday, August 26 at 2 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. [ discuss (24 posts) ]

Newtype Romance (2006-07-25 12:10:39)
On July 10, Kadokawa relaunched Newtype Romance as a full-fledged magazine. Although no details are available about a release schedule for future issues of Newtype Romance, the first issue released was labelled as a "Summer 2006" issue. The Magazine's cover can be seen on Newtype's website, here. The new issue features Kyo Kara Maoh! on the cover, the same property that was featured on the cover of the October 2004 issue. The October 2004 issue was a supplement in the October 2004 Newtype. Source: Anime! Anime! [ discuss (3 posts) ]

Ayakashi Ayashi (2006-07-25 11:43:40)
Ayakashi Ayashi to Premiere on MBS/TBS in October [ more... ]

Miyazaki Movies on UK TV (2006-07-25 10:06:54)
FilmFour to air 7 Miyazaki films in August [ more... ]

Kazuo Koike Panel Recap (2006-07-25 10:01:22)
The San Diego Union-Tribune recaps Lone Wolf and Cub creator Kazuo Koike's Comic-Con panel. [ discuss ]

Comic-Con News Wrap (2006-07-24 12:31:20)
27 manga licenses [ more... ]

Jin-Roh Short Film Online (2006-07-24 12:18:55)
Production IG animator Koushi Kishida's Jin-Roh anime short film, Images of the Last Battalion, is now online. The short film won Japan's Digital Frontier Grand Prix Best VFX Award last year. Source: Animenation [ discuss (12 posts) ]

Honey and Clover #8 at Japanese Box Office (2006-07-24 12:15:03)
The live action Honey and Clover movie debuted at #8 at the Japanese box office last weekend. Meanwhile, Pokemon fell from #2 to #3, Death Note from #6 to #7, and Lovely Complex from #7 to #9 in their second weeks. Source: Kogyo Tsushinsha [ discuss ]

Comic-Con: DrMaster Enters Purgatory (2006-07-23 15:31:48)
DrMaster has picked up two manga titles: Purgatory Kabuki and Chinese Hero ~Tales of the Blood Sword~. Source: Anime on DVD [ discuss ]

Comic-Con: DMI Shoots for the Moon (2006-07-23 15:21:23)
Digital Manga has licensed the Moon and Sandals manga and the Megami DX magazine. [ discuss (8 posts) ]

Comic-Con: Tarantino Wants Kill Bill Anime Prequels (2006-07-23 01:25:36)
Quentin Tarantino says he wants to make two anime Kill Bill prequels: an origin film about Bill and his mentors, and an original tale with The Bride. Source: [ discuss (31 posts) ]

Comic-Con: New Viz Light Novels (2006-07-23 01:09:01)
Viz has licensed two novels: Shakugan no Shana by Sasakura Ayao and Brave Story by Miyabe Miyuki. Thanks, Akukaze. Source: Manga News [ discuss (11 posts) ]

First Look at Satoshi Kon's Paprika (2006-07-23 00:55:43)
The first teaser trailer for Satoshi Kon's Paprika is now online. Based on the popular sci-fi novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui, the film will premeire next year in Japan. Source: Catsuka [ discuss (39 posts) ]

Nana Kitade Tour Schedule (2006-07-23 00:44:38)
Baltimore (Otakon), Boston, New York, and San Francisco in early August [ more... ]

Comic-Con: Millennium Snow for Viz (2006-07-23 00:24:39)
Anime on DVD reports Viz Manga has picked up Millennium Snow. [ discuss ]

Comic-Con: Tokyopop Triple Play (2006-07-23 00:16:02)
Tokyopop has acquired three manga titles: Kamiyadori, Hibiki’s Magic, and RURE. Source: Anime on DVD [ discuss (1 posts) ]

Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits Game, Anime Coming to US (2006-07-23 00:08:33)
In a press release announcing its acquisition of the Battle B-Daman: Fire Spirits game for Nintendo DS, Atlus USA also revealed the anime series will air on American TV "later this year." The game will be released in September. [ discuss (9 posts) ]

Comic-Con: Shonen Jump Adds Gintama (2006-07-22 23:56:37)
Viz Media has licensed Gintama for the Shonen Jump magazine, and it has acquired the Houshin Engi manga. Source: Toon Zone [ discuss (13 posts) ]

Comic-Con: Bleach Cast Announced (2006-07-22 23:48:23)
Johnny Yong Bosch is Ichigo [ more... ]

Eureka 7 on YTV (2006-07-22 20:23:56)
YTV will air Eureka 7 on Friday nights this fall. Thanks, Jesse Betteridge [ discuss (13 posts) ]

Comic-Con Mid-Con Update (2006-07-22 18:03:37)
[ more... ]

Comic-Con: Escaflowne Back on TV? (2006-07-22 17:43:13)
Fox's broadcast rights to Escaflowne, obtained in 2000, have lapsed. Bandai says it will consider shopping the series again. Thanks, Daikun. Source: Toon Zone [ discuss (20 posts) ]

Comic-Con: Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime (2006-07-22 17:26:58)
Peter Cullen announced he will reprise his role as Optimus Prime in Michael Bay's Transformers film. Also, Filmwad has several behind the scenes photos of the vehicles and set. Source: Live Action Anime [ discuss (21 posts) ]

Comic-Con: Manga Reveals APPP Project, Movie Plans (2006-07-22 16:45:55)
Manga is co-producing a new untitled series with APPP and aiming for a "late 2007" release. Also, the Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society film will be released next summer, and Manga is "ironing out the contracts" to release the Renewal edition of the Evangelion movies. Source: Toon Zone [ discuss (6 posts) ]

The Return of Robotech (2006-07-22 13:45:05)
Funimation licenses Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, plans theatrical release [ more... ]

Gedo Senki Interview Translated (2006-07-22 12:22:18)
Nanashi has translated part 2 of an interview with Gedo Senki director Goro Miyazaki. Part 1 is available here. Gedo Senki premieres July 29 in Japan. Source: Ghibli World [ discuss (3 posts) ]

Comic-Con: Thursday/Friday License Roundup (2006-07-22 11:51:03)
18 manga titles licensed [ more... ]

Comic-Con: Live Action Afro Samurai (2006-07-22 11:45:24)
A live action Afro Samurai movie starring Samuel L. Jackson and involving Christopher Nolan is in the works. The animated series, meanwhile, will consist of five 25-minute episodes, each with a budget of over $1 million. Additional episodes may be ordered if the series does well. Source: Toon Zone [ discuss (17 posts) ]

Comic-Con: Seven Seas Picks up Neconoclasm (2006-07-22 11:41:08)
Seven Seas has licensed the Neconoclasm manga. Source: Anime on DVD [ discuss ]

Comic-Con: New Shojo Beat Manga (2006-07-21 18:58:01)
Viz has picked up Lovely Complex for its Shojo Beat line. The manga will be titled LoveCom. [ discuss (6 posts) ]

          27th July 2006 

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